About us

Gate 20 Two Vineyard

Gate 20 Two is a family owned 5 hectare vineyard, situated on rolling slopes at the base of the spectacular gold diggings in Felton Rd. Bannockburn in Central Otago. This is an area of extraordinary beauty, surrounded by rugged thyme covered hills and mountains, lakes and rivers. It is also an area rapidly gaining recognition as one of the few areas in the world able to produce pinot noir of stunning quality and complexity.

Looking over the vineyard soaking up the warm summer sun

"Looking down on the vineyard soaking up the Autumn sun"

Bannockburn was the first grape-growing region to be developed in the Cromwell Basin – it is slightly warmer and has more frost free days than other areas in the region, and the mix of claybound and gravelly soils assist in giving the wines good structure and produce some luscious flavours. We have 3 hectares of Pinot Noir and 2 hectares in Pinot Gris. Gate 20 Two wines are made exclusively from these grapes.

"Bannockburn, South Island, New Zealand"

Bannockburn is tucked under the Carrick Range in the lee of the Southern Alps. It has annual rainfall of around 320mm, is hot and dry in summer with long sunshine hours, and can be very cold in winter. The long dry autumns, combined with a large diurnal range – hot days, cool clear nights – encourage the slow ripening of the distinctive fruit flavours this area is famous for. These are vines on the edge as the climate can veer from one extreme to the other in rapid succession and yet the notoriously fickle pinot noir vine seems to enjoy this variety This is the most Southern vine-growing region in the world. The 45 degree latitude and continental style climate makes it similar to other fine pinot noir regions.

The Owners

Gate 20 Two is owned by Pauline and Nigel McKinlay, who fell into the business purely by the accident of purchasing a house site in Felton Rd. and discovering that, if Bannockburn is regarded as the jewel in Central Otago’s wine-producing crown, then Felton Rd. is the star. It seemed a waste to not make use of such a wonderful site. And so it began!

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