Interested in ordering our wine?

We are looking for interested people to become members of Gate 20 Two Vineyard. As a member, your only commitment is to purchase a 1/2 case per year. However, becoming a member is more than buying a few bottles of wine each year. We hope that you will share in the progress of the vineyard and in the maturing and development of the wines. Case prices below are discounted from cellar door prices by $12.00 for a 6 case and $36.00 for a 12 case.

NZ Orders:You can use the secure paypal method for online  purchases by clicking the buy now buttons below, which will take you to a new page. Or you can email us:   giving name/order details/phone number/delivery address.  We will confirm the order and send you our account number for direct credit.

International orders: Please email us for a quote of wine plus freight.  Once the order is confirmed, we will charge your credit card.

Price list

12 bottles Pinot Noir $504.00
12 bottles Pinot Gris $324.00
Mixed: 6 Pinot Noir, 6 Pinot Gris $414.00
Mixed: 3 Pinot Noir, 3 Pinot Gris $213.00
6 bottles Pinot Noir $258.00
6 bottles Pinot Gris $168.00

Alcohol cannot be sold to people under the age of 18. When you click the “Buy now” button you are acknowledging that you are 18 years or older.

Note: All prices include GST. The orders are freight -free, delivery door to door, within New Zealand.

For all overseas orders, please email us at for a quotation and methods of payment.

"North facing land, long sunshine hours"

“North facing land, long sunshine hours”

More about Gate 20 Two membership

Whatever else, vineyards are not short term exercises. Quality Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are not cheap to produce – hand tended vines require intensive work and the winemaking must be careful and expert. If we are doing our job well, in five year’s time, you will be paying more for your wine and we will be limiting the size of orders. We believe we have a vineyard that will produce very good wines and, in time, great wines.

All of which is to say simply that we are at the start of an exciting journey. If you are interested in being part of the evolution of a classic Central Otago vineyard, then we would like you as a member. As a member, we would hope that, in due course, you would be able to visit the vineyard and see for yourself why we think this is a special place with special wines.